Hey. This is Matej Minar. I am a javascript engineer who loves building beautiful and intuitive UIs. I always like to learn new things and contribute to the open source, as I am very grateful for the community and owe it so much. I just moved to Vienna and I am looking for new opportunities. In the past, I had the pleasure of working on products for following companies:

These are some kind words from people I've previously worked with:

Peter Dulacka | Lead Developer at REMP
Matej worked with us as an outsourced power. He's reliable and independent engineer who was capable of joining running project with a very little of documentation (our case) and still persist high work efficiency. Even with these obstacles and very vague task definition Matej was able to deliver new features in the way that we couldn't - both programatically and visually
Ivan Hanak | CTO at Kontentino
Even though we worked in an agency, where everybody was having its own assignments, we both had had a chance to work and help each other on side projects. Some of the qualities I admired Matej for were his sense of managing his own project and clients, outlook at the modern trends in web development and precision of the work delivered. I am also looking forward to possible cooperation in the future!
Pavol Perdik | Managing Director at Brackets
Matej is very reliable person with strong knowledge of web technologies. He is very pedantic about his work paying strong focus on UX details. Always asking right questions and proposing great solutions. It was pleasure to work with him for almost 3 years.
Maru Mitlikova | Executive Director at Triad Advertising
Matej was eager to learn new things. Anytime he struggled with something, he worked hard and figured it out. His work was always completed thoroughly and I also liked him as a person, as it was easy to chat with him just about anything.

I'd be more than happy to chat with you about joining your team. Shoot me an email at matej@minar.dev, download my pdf resume, check out my github or connect with me on linkedin.